A Shattered Screen Is Not the End of the Story

A Shattered Screen Is Not the End of the Story

We can repair your phone in Lafayette, LA

Smartphone accidents are inevitable. You’ll miss your pocket when trying to put your phone away; you’ll knock your phone into the toilet while washing your hands; or you’ll drop your tablet in a puddle of water. You don’t always have to buy a brand new phone when these things happen. Phone Zone in Lafayette, LA has the services you need to address your shattered screen and water damage issues.

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3 reasons to repair your phone

Why get a new phone when you can have it repaired? We can fix a broken LCD screen, repair water damage, replace home and power buttons and unlock any brand and model of phone or tablet you send our way. Here are three ways you can benefit from our services:

  1. Repairing your phone is more environmentally friendly than replacing it
  2. Repairing your phone is cheaper than purchasing a new one
  3. Repairing your phone more convenient that getting a new one

Has your phone had an unfortunate encounter with water? Bring it to Phone Zone today!